Tyre Retreading Manufacturers India

Tyre Retreading is the process of re-manufacturing of tyres that replace the tread on worn tires. Retreading is applied to casings of spent tyres that have been repaired. It preserves about 90% of the material in spent tires and the material cost is about 20% compared to manufacturing a new one. If the tyre is in usable condition it can be retreaded multiple times. Tyres used for short journey vehicles are retreaded more than long journey vehicles which depend on the life of tyre body. Both processes start with the inspection of the tire, followed by non-destructive inspection method to find the non-visible damage and embedded debris and nails. Some casings are repaired and some are discarded. There are two types of processes for retreading tyres, one is Mold cure and other is Pre Cure. In Mould cure raw rubber is applied o the tire casing then it placed in the mold. In pre Cure treat strip is applied to tyre casing, it is more flexible in tire sizes and most commonly used method. In each case Moulding machine is an important factor. To reduce the production cost by implementing proper machinery we can achieve good result.

tyre retreading manufacturers

VeesevenEngineering Kerala is the best manufacturers of Mould cured and pre cured tyre retreading machines and accessories in india. VeesevenEngineering is an approved suppliers of some Government institutions and exporter to southEast Asia, middle east and Africa. Tyre retreading is a series of operation it will requires a different levels of machineries. VeeSevenEngineering suppliers of all levels of Retreading machineries, they are the first tyre retreading manufacturers of Pre-cured machinery in Kerala. In Pre-Cured system uses – Envelope Expander, Tread Builder, Cured Buffer, Inspection Spreader, Pre-cured Electric Chamber for each process. In Mould Cured system uses – Vulcanising Machine Steam, Reduction Gear Rolling Machine, Firewood Boiler, Tractor Tyre Buffer, Mould Cured Chamber etc.

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