Suguna Food Products

  What Products we sell

We sell whole chicken with skin, skinless Whole Bird, Chicken parts like boneless breast, boneless leg, Drumstick, Curry cuts (9 pcs, 12 pcs, 18 pcs etc), lollipop, wings, Supreme fillet, etc. Offals like Gizzard, Liver and Heart are sold. Marinated products like Chilli chicken, Boneless chilly, lollipop and drumstick are also sold.

frozen chicken 


  How Product will be Packed

Two types of packaging is generally followed. Primary packaging is where the product gets direct contact with the product packed which is made of food grade LDPE. For chilled (0 – 4*C) requirements, these primary packed products will be set in trays and will be sent to customers.

Secondary packaging is mostly done for frozen chicken products. Primary packed products are made frozen initially and later packed in secondary containers like food grade HDPE master bags, Cartons etc. where these frozen products will be packed and stored in cold stores (below – 18*C) till despatch.  

Also we have tray packing wherein meat parts are packed in food grade polystyrene foam trays which will be frozen and later packed in carton boxes for storage and despatch.

 Product Storage Details

For chilled, we bring down the meat temperature to 0 – 4 * C and ensure the same temperature till despatch. The shelf life will be 5 days including the date of production.


In case of frozen, we bring down the meat temperature to below – 18 * C using blast freezers and the same will be stored in cold stores wherein the temperature will be maintained below – 18 * C. The same temperature is ensured at the time of transportation and despatch. The shelf life of frozen chicken is one year.

 What quality we maintain

We are FSSC 22000 certified plant wherein we meet all the criteria meant for a food industry.  By ensuring the Food Safety Management System in place, with HACCP food safety team members headed by a food safety team leader, all the SOP's, GMP's, GHP's, CCP's, oPRP's etc are well maintained in order to eliminate the food threats thereby ensuring the food safety at any point of production.

Frequent internal and external audits are being conducted to ensure the system is put in place all the times.  Corrective actions and continuous improvement is focussed always to ensure food safety.

 What makes us  Better Comparison with Other Similar Food Products 

Our products are highly proteinacious and are much soft, tender, less fibrous and delicious in nature. No wastage of money for the meat been purchased. A wide range of meat products will be available in our Daily Fresh stores any time for continuous supply to the customers.

 How we Distribute (About distributor and Franchisee)

We supply meat to our distributor and Franchisees via temperature controlled reefer vehicles wherein the temperature of the meat will be maintained within the standards. For chilled the reefer temperature will be maintained at – 5 * C and for frozen carriers the temp will be set at – 25 * C.

Before loading, vehicle will be washed thoroughly and precooling will be done wherein the temperature of reefer is brought to 0 * C and then loading will be started after QC approval. Once the loading gets over the temperature of the reefer vehicle will be monitored till the point of despatch via GPS and any temperature abuse if happens it will be indicated and eliminated immediately.

 Why Customers Like Our Product

Customers like our product because of the softness and taste of the chicken. As our brand says "Younger, Tender, Better" is the reason for the likeability.

 Where Our Products available ( Location where our product available )

We have more than 200 Suguna Daily Fresh outlets across South India wherein out products are available any time. Also our products can be found in shopping malls like Max Spar, Big bazaar, Fresh Choice outlets etc.

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