Steps to an Air Hostess

Air hostess Jobs are one of the most sought after career in the aviation job market. As the airline industry continues to expand to meet growing consumer demand, more and more young people are taking up Air hostess Jobs. In an air hostess job the employees are expected to excel in customer service and always remain friendly, approachable and enthusiastic with a good sense of self presentation. A flight attendant job can be physically demanding and you must be prepared to be flexible to work any day of the year. The primary role of the cabin crew is to ensure the safety of passengers. In addition to this, they make sure that the passengers have a comfortable and pleasant flight.

The aviation sector is growing at a rapid pace and according to the industry experts, the growth is expected to continue in the years to come. Due to this steady growth, this aviation sector is creating ample job opportunities and the air hostess jobs are considered to be very prestigious and challenging. The following are the positive aspects of the job of an air hostess:

• A great chance to visit exotic locations and see the world in the work hours

• Living a lavish life with five star accommodations

• Good salaries, excellent perks and many facilities such as pick and drop

• Chance to meet celebrities

Aviation industry is an important industry of United States . The growth in this industry has heavily affected the country’s economy. It has resulted into growth in other sectors. Cabin Crew Jobs in USA are important job positions in aviation industry of United States. United States has many airlines that offer cabin crew jobs such as Continental Airlines, which is one of the major US operators and operates fleet ranging from short haul carrier to long haul carrier. In terms of passengers, American Airlines is the world’s largest air carrier.

How to Become an Air Hostess?

All air hostess aspirants should know about the air hostess requirements and air hostess restrictions, so that they can chalk out a plan to fulfill their dream. High school diploma is the minimum educational qualification to become an air hostess. However, in many cases, candidates who have completed their college degree are given first preference by reputed international airlines. A degree in mass communication, psychology would be an added advantage for becoming an air hostess. Air hostess requirements include FAA certification which is mandatory for all the flight attendants along with qualities such as good workplace communication skills, knowledge to speak fluent English, knowing some foreign languages, decent and polite behavior, etc. Read more on importance of communication skills. You can get a FAA certification, only if you complete the training contents such as dealing with terrorism, providing first aid, training in dealing with fire and water survival and knowing how to successfully operate the emergency materials or equipments.

The requirements to become an air hostess also include being of the age group of seventeen to twenty five years and having a good personality, presence of mind and interpersonal skills. If you complete a diploma in aviation, you will learn all the functions of an air hostess along with the ground duty rules and regulations. The duration of the training courses for air hostess training can be between six months to one and a half year. Its also important to have a good vision and meet the height and weight standards set by various airlines. All air hostess need to be mentally and physically fit to deal with the long working hours and emergencies. Thus, hard work and patience are the very important air hostess requirements. Readiness to work at odd hours of the day and also on weekends and holidays is a must for aspiring air hostesses.

What an Air Hostess shall do?

Air hostesses teach the safety rules and regulations for safe flying. They help passengers wearing the seat belts during take-off and landing of the plane and ensure their comfort and make sure they feel comfortable. Providing the passengers with snacks, beverages, pillows and blankets are also the job responsibilities of an air hostess. Air hostesses are trained for using the first aid, which helps to deal with injuries. Checking tickets, helping the passengers find their seats and keeping their belongings in a safe way are also the tasks performed by flight attendants. Thus, the air hostesses ensure that all people have a fine traveling experience.


According to a survey, the median salary for air hostesses is around US $40,000. However, with experience, you can earn upto US $60,000 annually. The salary for fresh air hostess can be anything between US $16,000 to US $22,000. Air hostesses also receive benefits, perks, and health and life insurance facilities. Thus the career as an air hostess which is an airline job is truly a rewarding one. However, only those with a keen interest to become an air hostess will succeed in this glamorous career.

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