Spot Your Color Challenge

"Spot Your Color Challenge" is an online game to promote our app named "SpotBay " invented by some young bloods.


Spot Your Color Challenge

The game involves clicking a moving circle which has been selected with a mouse. To start with the game, you may select one of the color circle with your mouse and watch for the selected color circle popping on the screen. Try to click only your selected color to increases points and levels. This game helps to improve the concentration, and hand-eye coordination. Children's play this game can increase their brain development and color identification skills. Youngsters can challenge their friends through Facebook accounts and make funs.This simple, but challenging game can be played by people of all ages. We are giving out exciting gifts for the top scorers of the game.

You can save contacts in your phone as a list and you can share that contacts. In the same way you need to save locations like a contact list and share it to another person. For example: Your home, Office, park, movie theatre etc. Do you think it is impossible? Think the beauty of saving the locations as a contact list and share the locations to any other person. It is Awesome, Right? SpotBay can do this. SpotBay allows people to help himself/herself as well as others by Search, Save and Share. Put your hands together to build a "Good People Network".

You can play this game at The promotional game challenge ends on 10 August 2016.

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