Skinny TeaTime feel healthy and energetic throughout the day

Who does'nt want to feel healthy and energetic throughout the day? Won't you love to feel light and glow inside out?

SkinnyTeaTime helps you gain the glowing body that you always dreamt of, with our easy to use tea blends. Our teas have been helping people since so many years and we have a huge customer base all over the world who vouch for our products. Based out of Melbourne, Australia, we deliver our skinny teas anywhere in the world and offer free shipping.

We have an easy to use website with lots of information about our teas, their content, health benefits, usage etc. You get to know every detail possible about the package you like, before you buy from us. You can order and pay online too.

Our Products

We have detox teas that help you cleanse your body from the insides. Our detox teas help improve liver function and support other digestive organs that play a role in detoxification. High quantity of antioxidants in our teas can fix cellular damage caused by toxins from not-so-healthy food. It has been found that, a single cup of our detox tea has antioxidants equivalent to one serving of vegetables. Detox teas complement your regular diet to provide what your body requires to keep it glowing.

Skinny Teatime

28 Day Detox Package

This package contains 28 Serves of day-detox loose leaf tea blend, 14 serves of colon cleanse tea bags and 28 serves of fat burner tea powder.

The day-detox contains Goji Berry (a superfood), oolong tea, lemongrass, and liquorice root. Colon cleanse tea contains senna, hawthorn berry, alisma, lotus leaf etc., that reduces the bloated feeling. Fat burner tea is 100% matcha green tea that breaks down accumulated fat in the body to give you that toned look.

14 Day Detox Package

This is a shortened detox package, for those who are looking for a quick solution before an upcoming event. Those who wish to try out our teas for the first time will also find this package quite helpful. The combined usage of detox, colon cleanse and fat burner teas will improve your metabolism and as a result you will feel energetic all through the day. Your insides will feel great as the bloated feeling disappears because of colon cleansing.

28 Day Fat Burner

The fat burner tea blend contains 100% green matcha tea. This tea blend is well known for its health benefits. It packs catechins – most powerful anti-oxidants, and boosts your immune system. You feel increased energy levels and concentration.

28 Day Detox Best Friends Package

This besties package contains 2 x 28 Day Detox package and is value for money. It becomes easier to attain health goals with your best friend along.

Coffee Body Scrub

Get that glowing, acne-free skin that you always wanted. Feel your silky smooth skin. Exfoliate with coffee scrub and improve your skin tone. Our coffee scrub is composed of caffeine, robusta coffee, zeolite salt, brown sugar, coconut oil, vanilla powder and vitamin E oil.

Fruit Infuser Bottle

Bored of drinking glass after glass of water throughout the day? Want to add a fruity hint to your regular water intake? Our fruit infuser bottle helps you to add some slices of your favorite fruits, herbs or even day detox tea leaves using a removable insert and adds flavor to your regular drinking water. The bottle is made of Tritan, a high impact, highly durable polyester and is BPA free, odorless, tasteless and stain resistant.

Strawberry Tea Strainer

This tea strainer is made of silicon and gives you a clever and convenient way to infuse your loose leaf tea into boiling water.

Skinny Tea

Our Customers

We have been selling detox and fat burner teas all over the world since many years. Irrespective of their age group, our customers are very enthusiastic about their health and fitness. Numerous testimonials that we receive on a daily basis from happy customers are very encouraging and rewarding. We are happy to help you get gorgeous, glowing and bubbling with energy.

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