Munnar – No.1 Hill Station in India



Munnar has evolved over the years into the top slot. As per latest Google search results for India, Munnar has emerged in the top 10 destinations in India in addition to Kerala. Digging into the list of must see destinations and displacing states is by no means a meager achievement. The reason why Munnar has hit the top slot is because of the following reason.

munnar  view  from resort


1.       Munnar offers the best climate year round; even during the monsoons!!!!!!!

2.       Munnar offers the best honeymoon destination

3.       Munnar offers the best resorts in Munnar

4.       Munnar offers the best choice of cuisines

5.       Munnar offers the best sightseeing places to see.


Adding crown to the wonderful list is a brand new resort slated to launch end of this year called the Munnar Tea Country Resort. Situated in Chithirapuram and well hidden by the hills of Munnar this luxury resort is the first family resort in Munnar and the First family resort in India. So what’s so special about being a family resort? Well many hotel and resorts in Munnar and other places in India speak about being a family resort but don’t practice it.

 Munnar Lakeview

Munnar Tea Country Resort will be first to make a difference where a family of 4 can stay together in one villa or a cottage even if you have kids above 12 years. This is a real family efforts as most of the hotels today insist on taking an additional room if you have two kids about 12 years. It will have an exclusive kid’s zone and spa to take care of dads and moms too besides various activities to keep everyone busy. Besides offering magnificent views from various locations within the resort and envious lip smacking dishes, this resort offers one of the largest villas in Munnar. Each cottages and villa has minimum size of 605 sq.ft. So it is a family resort in true sense of the word and not just another marketing jargon.


So the no.1 destination in Kerala, India is getting the No.1 Family resort in India adding to the list of why it is in the top slot. So if you are planning to travel to Munnar anytime after October 2013 seek out Munnar Tea Country Resort before finalizing your plans

munnar tea plantation

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