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Cooking is really an art. And of course it is a passion too. We started Molly's with the strong passion of preparing something unique and in high quality for the customers. Many thoughts came across initially. And it was stuck on pickling finally! But the thought was what to do something new. Any food item can be pickled. But we sticked on non veg, because we could see that many non veg pickles are available in market, but not with the real taste of homemade.  

We always think of varieties. Our first attempt was to make something new in non veg  pickles. That was the birth of sardine pickles from Molly's in 2009. Sardine is an ever loving ordinary fish by all people. It is rich with many nutritional benefits too. Our experiment with  sardine pickle was a big hit. We did it boneless. The big center bone and small bones were carefully removed after frying. So it was easy to consume even for kids. And its crispy crunchy pieces were loved by everyone. Umm…yummy!

Our own  recipe makes Molly's pickles  different than others. It was our long time experiments that finally reached on this unique taste of Molly's pickles. 


Now we are doing many other varieties like Chicken, Mutton, White Tuna, Prawn and Squid  pickles  as per the orders we receive. Our newly introduced traditional items are "kari nellikka" & "puliyila". We do fish curries and deliver it in the "meen chatti" (clay pot itself). Customers suggest, which variety of fish they want and about the quantity. We take the orders 2 days prior.  And some other mouth watering items  are also getting ready in Molly's kitchen. 



We had strongly taken some decisions before starting Molly's. 

1. It should be a value for money product for our customers. So we use premium quality ingredients in the right quantity. The ratio of meat and gravy is 80:20 in all our varieties.  

2. Natural ingredients should be used in Molly's. We use natural vinegar from coconut, homemade spices, pure gingelly oil etc. for the pickles. Even the minute particle like curry leaves is from our own farm. We have heard that curry leaves are the most pesticide effected leaf in market. 

3. Limited production. We are keen on quality. Limited production helps us to concentrate in it. We customize it as per the taste requirement from our customers like more spicy, less spicy etc.

4. Superior hygiene. We offer 100% hygienic products. 

5. Our products should be fresh. Freshness is our another highlight. We prepare it only after getting the order. So the customer will get it fresh. 


Our pickle shelf life is only 1 month.  You may keep it refrigerated  once it is opened.


We, Ancy and Susan are behind Molly's FarmMade. Our passion on cooking turned us towards such a great idea indeed.

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