Modernised Approach of Best Furniture Showrooms In Chennai


Jayabharatham Furniture & Appliances Private Limited, Chennai A leading Manufacturers and suppliers of fine furniture since 1937. Over the years JFA has been keeping itself in the change of tastes and requirements of the customer. Besides being the pioneer of the transition from handmade furniture to machine made furniture. What has been the formula of success for JFA? First and foremost, the uncompromising commitment to quality. The modern automated production and quality control centres are being manned by skilled technicians who have been specially trained in wood technology. Another factor behind JFA's Success is the chained outlet in convenient locations in chennain, Coimbatore, Salem etc. and showrooms are above 10,000 sq.ft area are all ISO certified. Varieties are limitless in JFA be it Cot or dining table or sofas or modular kitchen There are over 35 to 40 designs/models for each. The innovative design department keeps updating the models as per the feedback received from customers from time to time. Being quality furniture manufafturing as well as good furniture shops in Chennai JFA has given fresh exposure of the evolution of furniture to the people of India.

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