Manoj Maani – Caricature Artist bangalore

My drawing talent was initially taken out in class rooms in my early childhood. I used to draw many human and natural elements in my note book cover pages. One sheet of plane paper was so precious for me in those days. I could recognize the caricature artist in me when I was in 7th standard. I drew the caricature of my Biology teacher  with the body of a frog and was passed to all friends while singing National Anthem in the evening and could make laugh among my friends. I got punishment next day in the assembly for it but that was the incident that I started  doing caricatures even if I was not aware of the name of the art form which I was doing.  After my fine arts diploma, I was entered into my advertising career, but caricature continued as a passion. I entered into caricature art very seriously in the later years of my career. 

manojmaani_bangalore                                                                                                                                                     caricaturist bangalore


caricature drawing 2                                                                                                                                                  

I started my own advertising  company "artude" in 2008 and caricature art was a special wing in it. Now caricature has a prominent place in corporate gifting field. So we have added gift caricatures as an important service section in artude. We are one of the best corporate gift caricature providers in Bangalore. We provide digital as well as 100% handmade caricatures, as per the client's requirement. Customization is our specialty. Our important caricature products are customized gift caricature for farewell parties, customized gift caricature for friends and colleagues, customized wedding caricatures, customized family caricatures, live caricature show for corporate parties, celebrity caricatures, template caricatures, animated caricatures etc.

Customized gift caricature for boss is a big hit from artude. We highlight the mannerisms of the person to be caricatured. Normally it will be a surprise gift. We have done gift caricatures for many corporate companies like Cisco, GE, Hindustan Unilever, ESPN, AXA, Novozymes, Razorfish etc. The below  work is done in manual-digital combo treatment for the client GE.


caricature drawing 8 caricature drawing 7 caricature drawing 6 caricature drawing 5 caricature drawing 4 caricature drawing 3

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